Audio: The Ezra Klein Show 2/9/16

Rachel Maddow is, of course, the host of MSNBC’s top-rated, Emmy-award winning primetime news show and the bestselling author of “Drift: The Unmooring of American Military Power.” But Maddow took a winding path to cable news — a path that included scheming to disrupt skinhead rallies, radical AIDS activism at the height of the plague, a gig as a sidekick on drivetime morning radio, and a stint at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar (where she, um, may have temporarily borrowed some very rare books).

In this conversation, Ezra and Rachel talk about that path — and they also cover her favorite graphic novels, the best time to neuter a dog, and why part of Rachel’s process of preparing for her show is to avoid reading op-ed columns.

Sacagawea! We’re 10!

Ten years ago I set out to collect and share all the information I could find online about the lady hosting my new favorite podcast, The Rachel Maddow Show from Air America Radio. Along the way countless fans have pitched in by sending me articles, sharing stories and photos, collecting old audio files and blog posts, helping with the website, hanging out with me in line at book signings, having drinks with me in Rock Hill, and even letting me crash with them in NYC. From the old days of the AAR comment section and TRMS Science Advisory Board to the current #maddow hoard, this has always been a special community and I continue to love being a small part of it. Thank you all for that.

I can only imagine the amount of work that goes into the kind of content-rich production that TRMS continues to be. Over the years, a number of names — and a few faces and/or voices — have made up the supporting cast that “increase the amount of useful information in the world” in a way that never feels like eating your vegetables. Thank you folks for that.

I’ve been doing this long enough now that I’ve turned into an adult with a fan site, which is weird. But no one does more to make it feel less weird than Rachel does. She treats her fans like friends. Thank you, Rachel, for that.


Video: JEOPARDY! 4/6/16

From TV Newser:

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow features in a new Jeopardy! category that makes its debut on the long-running game show today. “Best New Thing in the World” will include Maddow offering contestants clues to the question.

The game show released a video of Maddow answering a political question, “what election do you wish you had been around to comment upon?”

This is so cool. Mediaite has the video from the actual game show.

ICYMI: Maddow on History, Personal Experience, and the Current Race

MSNBC New Hampshire Primary Coverage 2/9/16

MADDOW: As a self-proclaimed liberal, people talk about the liberal media and they say the whole media is liberal and the whole establishment is liberal, it’s not true. If you really are a liberal it’s been a long time in this country that you felt that mainstream politics had nothing to say to you. That mainstream politics was just not about you.

And I look at all the young people, particularly at this Bernie Sanders event. I was 19 in 1992 when Bill Clinton was running on the Democratic side and at the 1992 Republican convention, Pat Buchanan got up there and gave this culture war speech where he basically declared a crusade against minorities and particularly gay people. And as a gay person watching that in 1992 I didn’t feel like Bill Clinton had my back. I didn’t feel like the Democratic party had my back.

He was talking about agreeing with Ronald Reagan that government was the problem and all that stuff. If you are a liberal, you are not in the majority in this country and you know it and it always feels that way.

But this Democratic race with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders campaigning this way against each other, that happened because Bernie Sanders got into this race and all these kids who are enthused about this race, whether or not they’re supporting Bernie Sanders directly are never going to feel like mainstream politics isn’t about them.

Erik Wemple of the Washington Post was a fan: “That was fun, and even interesting. On primary days, cable news — MSNBC very much included — tends toward the repetitive, the banal, the insufferable. Who’s up, who lost-won, who won-lost, who’s whatever. So for one host to whip up an extemporaneous synthesis of personal experience, history and politics — we’ll take it.”

Me too.