Big Business

HMOs tap a new niche: prisons
by Rachel Maddow

It’s one of the great ironies of our society: that people with the fewest rights are the only ones guaranteed health care — at least by law. It’s been more than 20 years since the Supreme Court voted to provide prisoners with what is arguably a standard of care just short of neglect. In that time, the United States prison population has grown explosively — from 260,000 to just over 1.3 million — a historic record. The United States now has the largest penal system in the world, one that critics have called an “experiment virtually unprecedented in human history.”

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Curve Magazine

Out in Front: Rachel Maddow

Written by: Katie Brown
Photographer: Chloe Atkins

Rachel Maddow, 21, believes she is the first out lesbian to be named a Rhodes Scholar. The Stanford University graduate will leave in October to study at Oxford University, where she expects to earn a master’s degree in politics. She was one of thirty-two Americans — seventeen of them women — to be awarded the prestigious scholarship.

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Stanford University News Service

Two alumnae win Rhodes, Marshall Scholarships

STANFORD — Two recent women graduates are Stanford’s latest winners of Rhodes and Marshall scholarships for advanced study in Britain.

Rachel Maddow, a 1994 Stanford graduate and radical lesbian AIDS activist from Castro Valley, Calif., has been named a Rhodes Scholar for 1995. She plans to pursue a master’s degree in politics at Oxford University.

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