Rachel talks to Alex Witt about the SOTU, Afghanistan, New Jersey scandals, the economy, and stress management.

See you tonight for the State of the Union address, Maddow fans! Coverage starts at 9 pm EST.

Video is up at The Late Show website of last night’s appearance (Rachel’s part starts at 13:55). These are always fun because Letterman is such a fan. This time he and Rachel talked about Chris Christie, Hoboken, Bridget Anne Kelly, the Sochi Olympics, and shirtless Putin.

Reading and discussion of Only We Who Guard the Mystery Shall Be Unhappy

“We are delighted to announce that Rachel Maddow, host of MSNBC’s ‘The Rachel Maddow Show,’ will be joining The Washington Post’s Opinion section as a monthly columnist…”

“Pete Metes Rachel Maddow”
The Pete Holmes Show (TBS)

You saw the mashup of 5 presidents, Taylor Swift, Bill O, and Maddow last night; here’s Rachel reading the whole thing on her own…

Maddow! Fallon! Tonight!
Maybe cocktails?

Rachel’s guest appearance on The Simpsons will air this Sunday!

Presented by Josey Packard on the 1/27/06 episode of of The Rachel Maddow Show on Air America Radio

The much anticipated launch of a new MSNBC.com is upon us! Check out the new TRMS page, follow your favorite shows, hosts, contributors, organizations, and fans, and don’t miss @WillAtWork’s post on the new comment system. (There are groups involved!)

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“‘The Rachel Maddow Show,’ which airs every weeknight at nine, is known for even-tempered political discussion, not for screaming headlines…”

“It is not the 1400s anymore. God has other stuff to do and we have new and exciting ways of understanding the world now…”

Congratulations to Anderson Cooper and the entire AC360 team on another Emmy win!

Video from Rachel’s appearance on All In with Chris Hayes

Video from Rachel’s appearance on Andrea Mitchell Reports

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“…the work of reporters has to be protected. It is as important as the right to vote is to the actual practice of democracy.” #maddow