Don’t miss Rachel’s latest Washington Post opinion column on the potential for private US and European energy companies to complicate the policy response to Putin’s actions in Ukraine.

New York Magazine‘s Spring Design 2014 feature includes a piece on Rachel and Susan’s new one-room bathhouse behind their home in Massachusetts.

Rachel comes in at #3 on OUT Magazine‘s 8th annual Power Rankings. That’s a personal best: she was picked 4th from 2009-2011, 5th in 2012, and 4th again in 2013.

“She’s a complete inspiration on so many levels. The most compelling factor is her ability to register her approach to information while at the same time delivering with original humor…” – @OfficialALT

Via fuckyeahrachelmaddow: “Rachel Maddow – Mannish but friendly.”

Scott O’Neil at Nervous Brickdown Customs recently sent us this picture of a custom minifigure that sure looks like Lego Rachel…

The book is out now, but you have to wait a week for the real excitement…

Tuesday, April 1st is Rachel’s birthday! As is the tradition, a group of fans will again try to get #maddow to trend on Twitter for her birthday. (Sometimes it works!)

Rachel talked to Seth Meyers last night and it was adorable.

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow shares her motivations for delving back into the sordid past of the Iraq War in the documentary “Why We Did It.”

Chris Matthews talks with colleague Rachel Maddow about her upcoming MSNBC documentary “Why We Did It,” which asks the question of why Bush and Cheney brought America into war.

Rachel spoke with Andrea Mitchell this afternoon regarding US foreign policy challenges and the upcoming documentary “Why We Did It.”

Rachel will be on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Wednesday, March 5th at 11 pm EST.

The public case for the Iraq war turned out to be false. Rachel Maddow asks, What was true?

Interesting NY Magazine cover story this week penned by Alec Baldwin regarding his recent departure from MSNBC. Two Rachel Maddow mentions…

Rachel will join the panel on tonight’s episode of Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO. Watch for an interesting discussion of MSNBC’s “Bridgegate” coverage — about which Maher has been critical, equating it to Fox News’ preoccupation with Benghazi.

Selected questions from viewers (which can be submitted here) will be addressed on “Overtime,” which is free to stream online.

Rachel talks to Alex Witt about the SOTU, Afghanistan, New Jersey scandals, the economy, and stress management.

See you tonight for the State of the Union address, Maddow fans! Coverage starts at 9 pm EST.

Video is up at The Late Show website of last night’s appearance (Rachel’s part starts at 13:55). These are always fun because Letterman is such a fan. This time he and Rachel talked about Chris Christie, Hoboken, Bridget Anne Kelly, the Sochi Olympics, and shirtless Putin.